A fad or a staple for weddings to come?

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A fad or a staple for weddings to come?

As you may know, we also sell our photo booths nationwide.

The number 1 question we get is this one…

Is the booth a fad and is it worth me getting into the business…

I always answer that question very simply.

Our business grows every year due to the popularity of the booth. It provides guests at any party with instant gratification. Each time someone goes into the booth it provides new memories. Everyone can enjoy these memories for a lifetime as well.

So to answer your question, we are going nowhere! We are here to stay and provide you with the best photo booths year after year.

If we dream up of something better, you will be the first to know!

We love this business and love our clients. This is what we love to do!

Thank you for allowing us to follow our dream and make a living out of making you happy!

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