Always a Line

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Always a Line

Brides are usually always the ones that say we WANT a photo booth. Sometimes their other half is more skeptical.
We can relate.

Weddings are very expensive and this is definitely an expense.

The greatest joy we have is when we convince somebody that the booth is a good choice and after the event is over we get an e-mail saying we were right…

Take this one for instance…

Good Morning,

It has been a month since our wedding and I gave my fiance I mean wife (that is still wierd!) a hard time for wanting a photo booth. I thought it was a little childish and that it wasn’t the time or place for it.

I just want to say that was the #1 hit at our wedding. I was in it about a dozen times and that is all my guests can talk about was that damn booth.

That being said, thank you for convincing my stubborn self that the booth was a good addition.




#1 Photo Booth Advocate

Thanks James! I am so glad you liked the booth. We get this more often than you think and we always prove you guys wrong.
When will you ever learn… happy wife = a happy life!

Take a look at this picture of the line for our photo booth last night!!!! People couldn’t get enough.

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