The Best Photo Booth Props

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The Best Photo Booth Props

Here is a list of the top 10 best photo booth props to use for your wedding photo booth:

Top 10 Photo Booth Props

  1. Sunglasses -I wear my sunglasses at night, even cat ones!
  2. Hats – Police hats, midevil times, construction hats and more
  3. Boas – forget about the mess it makes… people love them!
  4. Mustaches – How doesn’t love a good stach!
  5. Chalkboards – Be creative and write your own message!
  6. Random Items – Like the picture of a horse we saw last summer in the booth… or that tree… sometime we just don’t ask questions!
  7. Wigs – People love that mohawk wig we have! I just don’t get it!!!!!!
  8. Empty Picture Frames – Olan Mills anyone?
  9. Word Bubbles/Thought Bubbles – The funny things your guests will think and say in the photo booth!
  10. Microphones – People love to think their divas in the booth and sing like Madonna!

Personalize Your Props

In addition to the top props, you can:

  1. Tie in with the theme of your wedding
  2. Support your local sports teams
  3. Represent your hometown

Props make your event more fun! We love props and so should you!


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